iCO product specifications


Our nozzles sit flush at just 3mm giving them the most discreet visual on the market and can be colour matched to any colour using the RAL colour code system.

They work by a heat sensitive bulb that when activated, discharges a water mist which removes heat and displaces oxygen from the fire providing fast and effective fire suppression.

The iCO pump requires just 12lpm and can run straight from the mains which makes the system far easier to install or retrofit when compared to traditional sprinklers. 

iCO Misting Nozzle

SKU: PN-0034

ICO Nozzle primary image

iCO’s easy fit misting nozzles are extremely low profile sitting just 3mm below the ceiling with each nozzle offering 16 m² of protection. This means that iCO’s nozzles are the sleekest, most aesthetically pleasing on the market that can be installed throughout the home.

Dimensions: ⌀72mm x 19mm
Weight: 48g
Standard Colour: White
Bulb specification: 57°C, quick response
Fixing method: Torsion Springs
Material: Stainless 316
Nozzle dimensions
Nozzle with dims
Nozzle side

iCO Pump Unit V2 (Monitored, Non-WiFi)

SKU: PN-0001

ICO Pump - isometrically viewed

The sleek, compact iCO pump unit can be connected directly to mains water and includes an on board weekly self test and manual test facility. The control board monitors the pumps and is equipped with fire and fault N/O and N/C relays for use with third party equipment (e.g. alarms and fire panels).

Dimensions: 345mm x 280mm x 268mm
Voltage Rating: 240V
Current Rating: 13A
Fire relay contact rating: 30VDC, 1A Max
Fault relay contact rating: 30VDC, 1A Max
Inlet connection: ½” BSP
Outlet connection: ¼” BSP
Water requirement: 12 lpm
LED status Colours: Blue – Primed
Green – Test Fail
Red – Activation
Flow: 12lpm
Inlet pressure: 1bar
Pump dimensions
Pump side with dims
Pump top with dims
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ISO 9001
Fire Protection Association Member 2019
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Patents granted: United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Europe

Patents pending: UAE